Calmness and clarity

A weekend of meditation, reflection and renewal

We take a weekend to pause, relax body and mind and reflect on what is really important in life. How can we interpret and apply the timeless insights of the Buddhist teachings to our busy lives and the individual and collective challenges of our time? Can we find peace in the midst of it all? Simple instructions and meditation practices with mindfulness of body and breath, complemented by mindful movement, create the framework for calmness and clarity.
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Wibo Koole en Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg
English - Dutch

At the weekend tea, coffee and water/juices will be provided. Please bring your own lunch.
For the rent of the space and administrative costs we ask you to pay €75,- for the whole weekend. If you have any problem paying that, please let us know.
The teachers work on a dana-basis. A dana-box will be available during the weekend.

vrijdag, 24 mei, 2024
The weekend retreat times are: • Friday evening from 19:00 – 21:30 hrs. • Saturday from 10:00 – 17:30 hrs. (no evening session) • Sunday from 10:00 – 16:30 hrs.
zondag, 26 mei, 2024
De Ruimte
Weesperzijde 79A
1023 BT

Meer informatie

Wibo Koole

On this weekend retreat we will keep a “noble” silence most of the time to support settling and to invite an open, relaxed and easeful way of being. There will be opportunities for questions and sharing.
The course is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The course language will be mainly English.

Deze retraite wordt begeleid door:
Wibo Koole
Wibo Koole has been practicing and studying insight meditation, secular Buddhism and Zen since the beginning of this century. His guiding teachers are Frits Koster, Stephen Batchelor and Nico Tydeman, and in 2022 he completed the Bodhi College Teacher Training Program. He participated in numerous weeklong and longer retreats. In daily life he is managing director of Awaris Nederland, a training company for mindful change in organizations. He lives in Amsterdam with his wife, children and grandchildren.
Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg
Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg completed the Bodhi College Teacher Training Program in 2022. He has been practicing and studying Buddhist meditation and teachings since the 1990s and sat numerous retreats in Germany and abroad. He is a long-time participant of Akincano M. Weber´s meditation and study groups in Cologne, Germany, where he is also teaching himself. After having worked for more than 35 years as a judge at the Administrative Court of Cologne, Klaus-Peter is retired now. The father of two grown up daughters lives in Cologne with his wife.