Chaos and Metta

10 day silent retreat with Bhante Sujato

During this retreat, we will explore the impermanence of life and the nature of suffering, gaining insights that empower us to respond to chaos with compassion and clarity.
The practice of Metta becomes a guiding force, transforming the way we relate to ourselves and others. This practice invites us to embrace the chaos of life as a catalyst for spiritual growth, discovering the boundless power of Metta to bring harmony and well-being to our hearts and the world around us.

Mahathera Bhante Sujato

This retreat, including accommodation, food, and contribution for the Teacher, is organized on the basis of DANA (donation). All expenses for your accommodation, meals, etc. are paid for you with the kind donations of
previous participants and other donors, who wish to give others the opportunity to experience the Dhamma.
Every participant may contribute at their discretion and according to their means, so you can also contribute to spreading the Dhamma further.

vrijdag, 10 januari, 2025
zondag, 19 januari, 2025
Tibetan Institute "Yeunten Ling"
Promenade Saint-Jean L’agneau 4
Huy - Belgium

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Heidi Rommens with help from Karina and Katrien

This retreat is a collaboration of Samita asbl and IMA vzw (InzichtMeditatie Antwerpen).
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Deze retraite wordt begeleid door:
Mahathera Bhante Sujato
Mahathera (Elder Bhikkhu) Bhante Sujato is an Australian Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest tradition. He was the Abbot of Santi Forest Monastery in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales for 10 years. Bhante Sujato is a Pali scholar and a highly respected meditation teacher. He brings a rare combination of humour, compassion and deep knowledge to his teachings which show us how to live our busy lives within core Buddhist principles. Bhante Sujato founded the Buddhist website SuttaCentral, to provide access to early Buddhist texts in their original language and make translations available in modern languages.