Exploring the hindrances to connection: An Insight Dialogue City Retreat

An Insight Dialogue City Retreat

As human beings we are intrinsically relational and our lives are intertwined in numerous ways. And though we are interconnected, our hearts do not always feel and know this relationality. With Insight Dialogue we can explore how the experience of connection fluctuates with inner and outer circumstances. We will explore the liberating power of being in connection through the practice of Insight Dialogue while investigating the manifestations of the meditative hindrances in our hearts and lives.

Riët Aarsse en Brent Beresford
Engels (dialogen in Nederlands)

95 euro

vrijdag, 12 mei, 2023
19.30 uur
zondag, 14 mei, 2023
16.00 uur
Kerkstraat 441 (vlakbij de Magere Brug over de Amstel)

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Riët Aarsse
Amsterdam Inzichtmeditatie

Insight Dialogue is a relational meditation practice that brings together the power of the meditative qualities of the body-heart-mind, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and our inherent capacity for relatedness. In this retreat we will invite the guidelines of Insight Dialogue–pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply, and speak the truth–as a foundation for the cultivation of meditative listening and speaking that emerges from silence. On Sunday, we will foster emergent practice and explore further how the meditative hindrances arise and what supports their disappearance.
This city retreat, intended for both beginners and those with prior experience of Insight Dialogue, will support a deepening of relational practice.

Deze retraite wordt begeleid door:
Riët Aarsse
Riët Aarsse is leraar Insight Dialogue en aangesloten bij het collectief van retraitebegeleiders vipassana.nu. Ze is onder andere mentor van het Wednesday Facilitator Cohort van de Insight Dialogue Community.
Brent Beresford
Brent Beresford woont in Canada is onderdeel van het Wednesday Facilitator Cohort ven het Teacher Development cohort van de Insight Dialogue community.