Finding the way home to natural awareness

Insight meditation retreat

In this retreat, we will train our ability to bear witness to our personal and social pains and will immerse ourselves in timeless teachings to incline our heart-minds towards appreciating the joy of living. By taking refuge in the heart of kind awareness we will slow down so we can really listen to the truths of the present moment and find peace in our own awakened heart.
With the help and cultivation of our natural and relaxed awareness, we can become intimate with what it is to be human. We will explore the heart of the Buddha's teaching: suffering and its causes and freedom and its causes.

DaRa Willams and Bart van Melik
The registration fee for the 5 day retreat is not yet final yet. Just for information: When final, it will be stated here. It will be around €385,- for a shared room, and around €425,- for a single room, which includes all meals and accommodation. If you would like to participate but the registration fee is an obstacle please contact the Chairman of the Dutch Foundation for Insight Meditation, Hans Gijsen: +31 (0)10 4672952. If you want to participate please transfer funds to NL72TRIO0338469087 (BIC TRIONL2U) under the name of “Stichting Inzichts Meditatie te Ezinge” indicating “ID-retreat aug.”. Pl
Starting date: 
maandag, 8 juli, 2019
Starting time: 
The program starts at14.00 hrs, at 12.30 hrs we will start with a shared meal.
End date: 
vrijdag, 12 juli, 2019
Building or Centre: 
Hoofdweg 109
ZIP code: 
7371 GE

More information and registration

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Riët Aarsse
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You are wholeheartedly invited!
To register, please complete the registration form on this webpage and sent it to:
Please state your preference for a single or double room!!
For any questions you can write to

This retreat is offered in the Buddhist tradition of dana and generosity. The teachers receive no payment. The registration fee covers the costs of putting on the retreat. Financial support offered by the students at the end of the retreat support the teachers to continue their work throughout the world.

This retreat is led by:
DaRa Williams

DaRa Williams is a trainer, meditation teacher and psychotherapist. DaRa has been a meditator for the past 25 years and is a practitioner of both Vipassana and Ascension meditation. She is a guiding teacher at IMS. She is the program manager and a core teacher in the current IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training. DaRa has been a clinician and administrator in the field of mental health for over 25 years and currently maintains a private practice in Manhattan. She is a certified trainer and practitioner of Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma. DaRa integrates these skills, understandings, wisdom traditions and world views in her intention for contributing to the ending of suffering for all beings.

Bart van Melik

Bart van Melik has been teaching meditation since 2009, with a special focus on diverse communities. He brings the practice to juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters and NYC public schools, and is passionate about supporting people finding new ways to relate to life’s stresses.