Intensive Vipassana retreat @ Fara Sabina (Italy)

vipassana retreat

In this retreat we pay close attention to all the processes that arise within our field of consciousness. At the same time we cultivate a relaxed and friendly inner stance, fuelled by loving kindness (metta). This specific quality of attention can be practiced and developed. While we start to observe a broader and closer perspective on our inner processes, in a friendlier way, a greater sense of freedom arises, enabling greater creativity, friendliness, compassion and humour. Meditating helps us seeing through our constricting illusions, releasing the burden of having to uphold these, including the greater illusion of the self. To make this insight a lived experience it is crucial to approach all phenomena in body and mind with a loving equanimous stance.

Henk Barendregt, Mirjam Hartkamp, Antonino Raffone
English / Italian (interview ook in t Nederlands)
7 days: 375 euro 14 days: 650 (prices based on full board, private room with private bathroom)
Starting date: 
zaterdag, 17 augustus, 2019
Starting time: 
End date: 
zaterdag, 31 augustus, 2019
Building or Centre: 
Monastery Clarisse Eremite
Via IV Novembre, 1,
ZIP code: 
Fara In Sabina (RI), Italy

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Mirjam Hartkamp
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The goal of Insight Meditation Investigations (IMI) is twofold: to promote the practice of Insight Meditation, or Vipassana (Pali), and to further the scientific understanding of the impact that this practice and similar practices like mindfulness may have. To this aim we organise and support Vipassana retreats as well as empirical data collections. We work closely together with the Dutch Insight Meditation foundation (SIM) with renowned teachers and organise retreats and meditation classes throughout Europe.

This retreat is led by:
Henk Barendregt
Mirjam Hartkamp
Antonino Raffone