Spiritual Cultivation Retreat, by Ashin Tejaniya's long-time student

Cultivate the spiritual faculties for your own freedom!

"This retreat is not about concentration, or absorption'', says Ayasma Kumara. "It’s about cultivating confidence, vitality, mindfulness, collectedness and discernment. When these are strong, the work for the ending of suffering becomes easier and more effective. Learn how to strengthen these spiritual faculties in this retreat!
In accordance with the approach of Ashin Tejaniya, there won’t be strict meditation schedules, but participants will be inspired to grow in wisdom."

The main language will be English. The programme involves formal
meditation, meditation instructions, talks and discussions. In addition, there will be working
meditation for maximum an hour each day.

Pre-retreat learning
Listen to Ashin Tejaniya’s introduction talks: http://ashintejaniya.org/teachings/. If you’re
unfamiliar with the 8 percepts, please read http://tiny.cc/8p. If you’re new to Buddhism,
please read this too: Walpola Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught (up to Chapter 5). For
learning in Dutch download for free: ‘’kijk niet neer op je verstorende emoties’’ van Ashin
Tejaniya: www.bwitz.nl. This book can be read during the retreat as well.

All meals are vegetarian. During the retreat there is the opportunity to practise in accordance with how the Buddha practised 2500 years ago, following the 8 percepts. This means in the evening their will be fruit and vegetable juices but no dinner. This is also an opportunity for detoxing.

Silence and no phone
The retreat will be in silence and participants are asked to give their phones to the management upon arrival. In a retreat of many months it could be beneficial to practise with phone, but if you want to really benefit from a relative short retreat it is adviced to abstain from communication with the outside world, and focus solely on your inner processes. The email and telephone number of Marnix can be given to friends or relatives in case of an emergency. Don't forget to put your email on vacation-reply.

Also fill the register form to be downloaded on the left of this screen and email this to marnix.vanrossum@gmail.com. You are kindly requested not to forget to mention your
meditation experience.

General conditions and payments:
Your registration is final after payment to the account of the SIM. The conditions are detailed on the SIM website (in Dutch): https://simsara.nl/algemene-voorwaarden-sim-retraites.

Most Vipassana meditation retreats are organised on the basis of Dana (Generosity). Since
the time of the Buddha, the transmission of his teachings and the meditation instructions
are considered a deed of generosity. The costs of the retreat consist of basic lodging fees
and meals; the teachers receive only reimbursement for travel and accommodation
expenses. At the end of the retreat, the participants have the opportunity to practice
generosity; they are invited to give Dana (donation) to the teachers.

Ethical Code:
Stichting Inzichts Meditatie (SIM) is committed to preserving a safe and reliable
environment. In that respect it makes every effort to further implement and guarantee
ethical guidelines. For further information in this respect see:
http://www.simsara.nl/ethisch-drieluik (scroll down to the bottom of the page to download
the English version)

For more information about the retreat please contact Marnix van Rossum marnix.vanrossum@gmail.com (06426730920) or Yuna van den Adel: yunavdadel@gmail.com


Hope to welcome you!

Ayasma Kumara
€ 702,- for a 2 person bedroom.
Starting date: 
maandag, 17 juni, 2019
End date: 
dinsdag, 25 juni, 2019
Building or Centre: 
Centrum Meeuwenveen

More information and registration

Contact name: 
Marnix van Rossum
Contact telephone: 
This retreat is led by:
Ayasma Kumara

Ayasma Kumara, www.visualcv.com/kumara, (SBS, www.sasanarakkha.org, Malaysia) has been a monk for almost 20 years, a very experienced meditator, and learned in the root scriptures. He has an unique teaching style, which is open and personal, highly influenced by Ashin Tejaniya (www.ashintejaniya.org).