From thinking to feeling.

Vipassana week retreat

Embodied mindfulness is the heart of the practice. During formal sitting we are aware of the changing sensations in the different parts of the body. Becoming aware of the changing body, we also become aware of the movements in the mind. Becoming more familiar with the body-mind process, we gain insight in who we really are.
The program includes mindful movements and sitting- and walking meditation. There are dharma talks, question and answers, and sharing of experiences.

Doshin Houtman
English / personal conversations possible in Dutch
$45 per day + dana for teaching
Starting date: 
vrijdag, 8 maart, 2019
Starting time: 
Friday afternoon arrive, 8 pm opening.
End date: 
vrijdag, 15 maart, 2019
Building or Centre: 
Dhamma Dena Desert Vipassana Retreat Center
Joshua Tree CA (USA)

More information and registration

Contact name: 
Doshin Houtman
Contact telephone: 
+31 13 463 18 47
Dhamma Dena Desert Vipassana Retreat Center
This retreat is led by:
Doshin Houtman