Vipassana Light retreat @ Pelion (Greece)

Intens practice (morning) & pure relaxation (afternoon)

In the morning we follow a normal retreat schedule in silence, consisting of alternating 45 minutes sitting and walking meditation sessions (Mahasi) until lunch (13.30). After lunch we have ample free time to go to the beautiful beaches, relax, contemplate etc. and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the centre Alexandros. After dinner we join together again in silence to finish the day with a dhamma talk.
Vipassana-light allows us to pluck the fruits of the intensive morning practice and funnel our insights directly into the daily life of the centre (enjoying the afternoon + kamma yoga/ chores), working towards a more mindful, equanimous and serene practice and daily life.

Henk Barendregt & Mirjam Hartkamp
Engels, interviews mogelijk in Nederlands
€345 – 660 (depending on type of accommodation; ranging from tent to single room with bathroom)
vrijdag, 7 juni, 2019
maandag, 17 juni, 2019

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Friederike Ernst
Kalikalos comminity / findhorn foundation
Deze cursus wordt geleid door:
Henk Barendregt

Hen(dri)k Barendregt (1947) studied from 1972 to 1979 Zen meditation with Kobun Chino Roshi (1938-2002) in California, and from 1977 to now Vipasssana meditation with several teachers. Henk Barendregt studied Mathematical Logic in 1971 at Utrecht University. Henk Barendregt has received substantial personal research funds from Nijmegen University (1997) and the Spinoza award in 2002 from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO). Given funds enabelled him to direct an interdisciplinary research group towards understanding insight meditation and its effects in neuropsychological terms.

Mirjam Hartkamp

Mirjam Hartkamp has been practicing Vipassana intensively since 2009 with vipassana teachers from East and West. She is currently teaching with Henk Barendregt and is teacher in residence of the Dutch Comenius Institute. She has an academic background in art & psycho-therapy, and Buddhist philosophy. She is dedicated to the Dhamma on the level of the personal (practice), interpersonal (teaching & counseling), and impersonal (research), with the aim of deepening liberating knowledge and cultivating compassionate happiness. She co-teaches yearly several intensive retreats. She is finishing doctoral research on the effects of meditation at Sapienza University, Rome.