To all our dhamma friends

Welcome at the Dutch foundation for Insight Meditation (SIM). The SIM promotes Vipassana meditation and Theravada Buddhism in the Netherlands.
This part of the SIM site mainly focusses on international retreats with teachers from East and West. For all other activities and local meditation centres across the Netherlands, we refer to the Dutch section.

9 augustus, 2020 --- 14 augustus, 2020

An Insight Dialogue Retreat and optional 'sharing ID' days

Insight Dialogue brings the Buddha’s teachings to life relationally in the body and heart as intuitive wisdom. Cultivating awareness of the habitual tensions that maintain suffering and learning new pathways of release establish us freshly in the present moment. Returning to loving presence is a source of strength and recovery in the midst of life’s challenges. It allows us to see clearly and engage wisely personally and socially.

Phyllis Hicks and Bart van Melik
17 augustus, 2020 --- 31 augustus, 2020
Fara Sabina - Monte Libretti (Rome)

Liberating Insight

Surrounded by the beautiful hills of Fara Sabina, hosted by the Monastery of Clarisse we investigate the habits of the mind and of the heart. If we clearly observe the processes pertaining to body and mind, we can detach, let go, and allow for greater freedom, wisdom and compassion to arise. The retreat can be attended for 7 and 14 days.

Henk Barendregt, Mirjam Hartkamp, Antonino Raffone
24 augustus, 2020 --- 30 augustus, 2020
Waldhaus am Laacher See, 56645 Nickenich

Vipassana retreat

Embodied mindfulness is the heart of the practice. During formal sitting and during daily activities we are invited to be aware of the sensations in the body. Becoming aware of the changing body sensations we also become aware of the changing movements in the mind. Becoming more familiar with the body-mind process we discover where the mind is free and where it is entangled. In this way we gain insight in who we really are. We practice to make our home in the body-mind, a safe place to be.

Doshin Houtman
17 november, 2020 --- 22 november, 2020

Or 'bringing mindfulness to how it feels'

During this retreat we would like to explore mindfulness of the feeling tones, which is the second foundation of the practice of mindulness. First we will try to present the different aspects of mindfulness. Secondly we will define feeling tones and thirdly how to be mindful of them. The Pali term vedana refers to the affective tone of experience. (more in additional information)

Martine Batchelor and Bernat Font